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We don't believe in pricey memberships that you won't use, or lump sum packages you need to pay for up front. 
Instead we reward our clients with a loyalty discount based on how often they want to see us.
*This applies to our Signature Brazilian service.


                FA* / MA*
Signature Brazilian    $65 / $75

3 Week Touch Up        $35 / $45

4 Week Follow Up       $45 / $55

5 Week Maintenance  $55 / $65


Intimate Sugaring

Removes as much or as little hair from the entire pubic area as desired. From inner thighs to the navel, front and back. 

Clients returning within 3 weeks of their last brazilian.

Clients returning within 4 weeks of their last brazilian.

Extended Bikini $45

Removes hair along the bikini line and 1-2 inches inside the bikini line. Backside is not included.

Bikini Line $35

Removes hair along the bikini line and inner thigh. Backside is not included.

Clients returning within 5 weeks of their last brazilian.

If it has been 6 weeks or more since your last brazilian you need to schedule a Signature Brazilian.

Inner Buttcheeks $15

Removes hair from between the buttcheeks, known as a “buttstrip”.
*Note: This service is already included in the Signature Brazilian.

Buttcheeks $20

Removes hair from the entire buttocks area.

*Female Anatomy / *Male Anatomy

Male Anatomy intimate hair removal is done on a referral basis ONLY.

Facial Sugaring

Brows $18

Includes sculpting, tweezing and trimming the eyebrows into shape.

Lip $15

Hair is removed from the upper lip and lower lip if desired.

Chin $15

Includes the bottom lip extending past the edge of the face, slightly onto the neck area.

Jawline $15

The entire jawline, just under the ears extending to the chin.

Ears $15

Removes hair from the outside & inside of the ears.

Sideburns $15

Defines the hairline around the ears.

Cheeks $15

Removes hair on the fullest part of the face

Forehead $15

Removes hair between the hairline and eyebrows for more definition.

Neck $15

Removes hair from either the back of the neck, below the hairline OR the front of the neck jus below the jawline. (Front of the neck is for women only)

Full Face $40

Includes Forehead, Sideburns, Cheeks, Lip, Chin and Jawline. Does not include Ears, Neck, or Brows.


  • ​If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment your card will be charged $15.

  • If you "No Call No Show" your card will be charged 50% of the FULL PRICE of the service fee.

  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, you may lose your appointment time and be charged a late cancel fee. 

  • We do not offer any services for persons under the age of 12.

  • We do not issue refunds. If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, let us know and we'll do everything in our power to make it right. 

Cancellation policy is always enforced.

Body Sugaring

Underarms $25

Hair is removed from the entire underarm area, also called the ‘armpit’.

Full Arms $40

Removes hair starting at the shoulder and ending at the fingertips.

Half Arms $30

Removes hair staring at the shoulder and ending at elbow OR starting at the elbow and ending at the fingertips.

Knuckles  $10

Removes hair from either toes or fingers.

Full Legs $100

Hair is removed three inches from your bikini line down to your toes.

Half Legs $55

Hair is removed three inches from your bikini line down to your knee OR from the top of the knee down to the toes.

Full Back $55

Removes hair from the back & sides of the torso.

Half Back $30

Starts at the top of the shoulders and extends halfway down the torso OR starts at the hips and extends halfway up the torso.

Chest & Stomach $55

Stomach $20

Removes hair from the front & sides of the torso.

Starts at the hips and ends at the ribs.
*Note: The thin strip of  hair between the bottom of the navel and top of the waist line is included in our bikini and brazilian services.

Chest/Breasts $30

Removes hair on the front of upper torso / ribcage.

Nipples $10

Removes all hair surrounding the areolas.