The Sugarists

Maggie is a licensed esthetician with over 100 hours of post graduate education in histology and hair removal. Her passion for sugaring began when she went looking for the best way to remove hair without the irritation and skin damage from traditional waxing. After being certified in the art of sugaring, she made it her sole focus. She now owns and operates Sugar Mama, where she and her staff provide the highest quality of sugaring and customer service.

Alejandra is a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. Her interest in being a sugarist began when she became a client of Maggie's in 2017. After seeing the results of sugaring first hand, she knew she wanted to help others achieve long lasting smoothness too! She is also fluent in both Spanish and English, making her one of the only bilingual sugarists in DFW.

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